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Patrick is motivated (maybe too motivated), educated (probably too educated), and enthusiastic (definitely too enthusiastic!). He is currently seeking an internship for the Summer of 2020.


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Informative Path Planning

In this project I explore the effectiveness of various sampling algorithms in solving the informative path planning problem. In this case the task is to learn a 2D field (e.g. temperature map). The belief state of the field is modelled using a Gaussian Markov Random Field (GMRF) which is sequentially updated with Bayesian conditioning. The paths are planned to minimize the variance of the belief state.

Mixture of Gaussians

In this project I implement the expectation maximization (EM) algorithm for a mixture of Gaussians model. Here the EM algorithm iteratively updates the covariance matrix, and mean and weight of each cluster.

Connect-4 AI

In this project I create connect-4 AI players using a minimax tree search algorithm with alpha-beta pruning and other added heuristics (e.g. favoring the middle, and favoring having rows of 2, 3).